How to Stop a Child From Flushing Toys


Three Reasons To Consider Trenchless Sewer Repairs

As a homeowner, maintaining and repairing sewer lines can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, with the development of trenchless technology for those repairs, you don’t have to face the same overwhelming upheaval to deal with fractured, old or otherwise damaged sewer pipes. Here’s a look at a few advantages to opting for trenchless sewer […]

What Is Causing The Puddle Beneath Your Furnace?

When it comes to keeping your home warm in the dead of winter, the last thing you want to see is a pool of water collecting underneath your furnace. Although this is rarely a catastrophic issue, letting a leak go unfixed can permanently damage your furnace and may eventually lead to a total loss of […]

What Is Behind That Rotten Egg Smell In Your Sink?

Odd smells inevitably occur in even the cleanest of kitchens, but what should you do when your sink starts to stink like rotten eggs? This embarrassing problem can persist for weeks or months at a time, and you may begin to dread visits from friends and family as a result. There are a few possible […]

Reverse Osmosis Vs. A Whole Home Filter

The water quality in your home can affect your family in a number of ways. For example, the chemicals used to kill germs in your water can have an adverse affect on the health of your family. Other chemicals present in the water can create hard water stains on your plumbing fixtures and dishes. Depending […]

Why A Bidet May Be A Great Addition To Your Home

The popularity of bidets is growing as more people are recognizing the benefits they have to offer. If you have been wondering whether or not a bidet could make a good addition to your bathroom, you want to read the information in this article. It will help you understand the different ways a bidet can […]

Getting To Know Your Boiler System

Boilers can be somewhat complicated fixtures in the home. If you don’t understand the boiler system, you could run into some confusion about how it should operate and how you should maintain it. Below, you will find the answers to some questions that people have had about boilers. What is the difference between a boiler […]