How to Stop a Child From Flushing Toys


4 Plumbing Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

If you own a home, it’s important to take extra care so that you protect your investment and are able to enjoy it for many years to come. Many homeowners choose to ignore some plumbing issues because they assume that they’re minor problems. It’s important to get professional help if you experience any plumbing concerns in […]

3 Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Nothing is more frustrating than scraping the plates in the sink only to turn the disposal on and having it not work. Here are three common disposal problems and what you can do about them. Why Is There No Power? If you flip the switch and nothing happens, take a look at your circuit breaker […]

Water Softener FAQ For New Homeowners

If your new home has a water softener, you may have questions about the system’s purpose, functionality and upkeep. These answers to commonly asked questions can help you understand and maintain your water softener.  Why does my home need a water softener? If your new home comes with a water softener, it’s because your community […]

How to Replace a Heat Pump Filter

A heat pump filter works much like the air filter in your car, and prevents dust and debris from being sucked into your heat pump. A filter that has become clogged with detritus will restrict air flow into your heat pump, reducing the amount of heating and cooling that it can provide your home and […]

How To Get Rid Of Household Odors

It isn’t always possible to keep all household odors from occurring, but there are many ways to minimize them and prevent some of them from worsening. Here are some tips for getting rid of household odors. Clean Out Your Drains Cleaning your drains out when you have a clog should not be the only time […]

Save On Your Air Conditioning Bills This Summer

With temperatures quickly on the rise, people all across the country have already begun to feel the pinch that comes along with high air conditioning bills. If you are struggling to keep up with the cost of keeping your home cool, you will be glad to know that it is possible to make it through […]