How to Stop a Child From Flushing Toys


The Effect Of Drought On Plumbing

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to keep your plumbing well maintained year round. However, you may not realize how weather can affect your plumbing. Flooding can cause your system to backup and even enter your home. Even hot weather can take a toll. Extreme weather conditions are particularly hard on your […]

Dealing With Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line

Tree roots don’t grow quickly, but they can grow to be pretty big. After all, they are constantly growing to find different sources of water and nutrients for the tree. Because of this, they can grow so that they extend pretty far, and if they are growing close to something, such as your home’s sewer […]

Advantages Of A Hot Water Recirculating Pump

Like their name would suggest, hot water recirculating pumps work by constantly recirculating cool water through the water heater. Though they are most commonly used in commercial applications, hot water recirculating pumps can also be used residentially. Because of their unique function, hot water recirculating pumps bring a number of distinct advantages to the plumbing […]

Precautions For Planting In A Septic Drain Field

Planting a septic drain field is generally a good idea. The landscaping will improve the aesthetics of your compound and reduce soil erosion. However, you shouldn’t just plant anything near the septic system. There are health concerns to think about, and the wrong plants may also damage the system. With those concerns in mind, here […]

Answers To 3 Common Questions About Low Flow Toilets

High volume toilets are still fairly common in older homes, especially those whose plumbing systems have never been updated. Unfortunately, these technological relics can end up costing you a small fortune in water bills. If you are considering upgrading your old toilets, read on. This article will answer three common questions about your best option–low […]

Plumbing Problems To Expect In An Apartment Atop A High-Rise Building

High rise buildings have special plumbing problems that other buildings may not have. Therefore, their plumbing fixtures require careful and regular maintenance because the costs of damages are likely to be prohibitive. Here are three examples of plumbing issues to expect in such buildings: Low Water Pressure Regular water pressure considerably reduces before it gets […]