If you notice every time you take a shower the water is draining more slowly, and sometimes it gathers around your feet, you have a clogged drain that needs immediate attention. You don't want to stand in water that may have been stagnant in your pipes for days, and that could be potentially filled with bacteria

There are some things that you can do to on your own to help the clog, but you want to get to the deep root of the problem. Never use a plunger on a clog in the shower; it can make the problem worse and lodge the clog deeper into the pipes. Call a professional plumber to the home and ask them to do the following things.

Snake the Drains

Have the plumber snake and clean out the drains just near the shower drain, but throughout the plumbing to rid the pipes of other obstructions. They can also put a camera through the pipes to see if there are other objects creating clogs, or if there isn't room for the water in your septic lines.

Check the Ventilation Pipes

Plumbing ventilation pipes poke out of the roof of your home. The air coming through the pipes allows air to pass through, allowing gravity to pull the waste through the pipes. If the pipes are clogged, this could be causing the backflow within the shower. The plumbers have the tools to get down into the pipes for cleaning and maintenance. Ask for screens to prevent potential clogs.

Change the Drain Grate and Maintain

Change your drain grate to an option that has smaller holes, so less debris and hair washes down the pipes. You will have to clean it off more frequently, but it can prevent clogs and other plumbing problems in the long run. You also might want to add drain cleaner to the drain occasionally for maintenance, and to break up any debris that is accumulating.

If the water is backing up in the shower and the clog keeps getting worse, you want to have it repaired before you have problems in other areas of the home. The water may start to back up into other pipes and then come up in a sink or another shower. The plumbing expert can get rid of the clog for you safely, and let you know if there are any other major plumbing repairs you need to be concerned about.

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