Are you tired of dealing with dirty water coming out of the drains in your plumbing fixtures? You may have a serious problem with the main sewer line to your house that is in need or a repair or replacement. Find out below why the dirty water coming out of the plumbing fixture drains may be connected to the main sewer line, as well as what fixing it will cost.

How is Dirty Water Rising Out of Drains Connected to the Main Sewer Line?

When dirty water rises out of more than one drain, it is a clear sign that the plumbing fixtures are not the problem. There are several reasons why you may be experiencing the problem, including having an accumulation or dirt or even an animal carcass sitting in the main sewer line. Water has a hard time passing through the sewer line so it makes its way back to your house through the all of the plumbing fixtures.

You must keep in mind that the dirty water is toxic, so the main sewer line must be fixed in a timely manner. The first thing you should do is hire a plumbing service to diagnose the problem. He or she will take a look at all of the plumbing fixtures and inspect the main sewer line. Inspecting the main sewer line will likely be done with the use of a special camera, as it can help the plumber avoid having to dig up your landscape. The camera is able to maneuver through the plumbing system to capture and send images to the plumber via a monitor.

If you need a new sewer line, your landscape will still have to be dug up. Large cracks that can't be repaired can lead to you needing a new sewer line. A buildup of a lot of rust can also cause problems, especially if the sewer line is old.

What is the Estimated Price of a Sewer Line Replacement?

Replacing a main sewer line can be pricey depending on how complex the labor is. You can end up spending up to $25,000 plus for your new sewer line. However, the typical price to excavate your landscape and replace the main sewer line average around $3,000 plus.

Your plumbing system is one of the most important aspects of your house, so make sure you don't allow it to remain in bad shape. Contact a plumber so a prompt repair to the sewer line can be made!