A lot of people are under the impression that their house is clean because they mop and wash the windows, but there is more to a clean home than that. There are areas that may appear clean, but that cause the most bacterial problems in the home.

To get your home thoroughly clean to remove odors and to avoid bacteria from spreading throughout the space, try these different things.

HVAC Cleaning

The air ducts in your home aren't exposed to people directly, but a variety of things will land in the vents and get sucked into the filtration system. The slightest bit of moisture can cause condensation, and then mold and mildew may form throughout the ducts. If there are dust and dander, they circulate through the house whenever the heat or air is on.

If there are insects or rodents that get into the ducts, their fecal matter and urine could be polluting your air. Get the ducts of your HVAC system cleaned once a year to eliminate these toxins.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are incredibly dirty because of what you bring into the home on your feet. Setting your purse down in a public place and then on your carpeting is just one of the many others way you bring bacteria to the carpeting.

The carpeting should be sterilized and cleaned with a microbial agent to kill all of these dangerous bacteria that can cause odors and illness throughout the home. Everything that goes into the carpeting will leak into the padding, and commercial grade steam cleaners get the bacteria that's really deep down.

Drain and Septic Cleaning

If the drains are dirty or the septic tank is full, waste could be creeping back up the pipes. The airborne bacteria can cause illness, and if the waste is leaking outside of the tank you'll have to worry about people tracking it in the home from the ground. Have the drains, pipes and the septic tank thoroughly cleaned so you don't have to worry about bacteria in the drains. One company that can help with this is Speedy Rooter.

Cleaning these areas is going to help you get rid of the bacteria that you don't think about or see on a daily basis. You can have a home cleaning company come in and tend to the surfaces of the items in your home, like the toilets, countertops, and floors, but getting these other professional cleaning services performed once a year is going to be ideal for the home.