If you have a clogged sink or sewer line, and store purchased drain cleaners are simply not working, you're probably considering calling a plumber to assess the situation. Traditionally, plumbers used tools called snakes to help push their way up and into the drain and remove whatever was causing the clog. A method called hydro jetting is now being more commonly used to not only unclog drains or water lines, but remove any excess debris that may be causing the clog.

What Does Hydro Jetting Mean?

The process of hydro jetting involves "shooting" a very high pressurized stream of water into the sewer line. This is done with a great amount of force, much like a fire hose (but not quite as powerful). The force of the water, which is about 4000 PSI, pushes up into the sewer line and through the drain and also reaches all sides of the pipes to help remove excess problems like grease, silt, hair, food particles, mud, and other objects that can contribute to a clogged drain. In fact, it is so powerful that it's able to break up larger, more stubborn blockages like tree roots. This procedure should only be performed by an experienced plumber who has the right equipment. The lines can be damaged if the process is not done correctly.

What are the Benefits of Hydro Jetting?

There are many positive benefits to using this method to unclog water lines. Hydro jetting does not involve any harsh chemicals or treatments so it's environmentally friendly. It is also a rather quick process, and once the equipment is hooked up and the water comes through, it is complete in only a matter of minutes. Another benefit is that it can save older pipes by removing debris rather than having to replace them due to clogs and blockages. For the homeowner, this can mean substantial savings. Once complete, this procedure is a long term fix to the problem, whereas other methods may only be a short term, temporary fix and end up costing more in the long run.

This solution isn't just for homeowners; hydro jetting can be done to the main water or sewer line for hospitals, schools, stores, and churches as well. Costs vary depending on the number of water lines that need to be cleared as well as the length of time it takes to finish the process. This can depend on the depth and severity of the clog.

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