Draining away the large amounts of waste water from your home requires a complex system of pipes and pumps. Unfortunately, sediments and residue can start to accumulate in your home's sewer line, and this can lead to a host of problems. While sewer cleaning can be an excellent way of correcting these issues, many homeowners are unfamiliar with this process, which means they may benefit from having these two questions addressed. 

What If You Fail To Have Your Home's Sewer Line Regularly Cleaned?

It is a common mistake for homeowners to neglect to have their sewer lines cleaned. However, this will lead to a gradual decrease in the performance of your home's plumbing system until it eventually becomes completely clogged. While drain strainers can help slow this process, it is a problem that every homeowner must eventually address if they live in their home long enough. 

When you start noticing that all the drains in your home are running slowly or water is backing up into the bathtub or sink, this can be a sign that your sewer line has become clogged. If this issue is not corrected, your home's plumbing system will eventually come to a complete stop. 

Are Powerful Chemicals The Best Option For Cleaning Your Sewer Line?

There are many people that assume the best way to clean this part of the plumbing system is to pour powerful chemicals down the drain. The thought is that these chemicals will eat through the residue that is clogging the pipe, and while these chemicals can do this, they will also severely damage the pipe in the process. Fortunately, there is a safer alternative that you can use to ensure your home's sewer line is as clear as possible. 

Water jetting uses highly pressurized water to remove any sediments or residues that have accumulated along the interior of pipes. This method can be highly effective at removing these substances without risking harm to your pipe. Another option would be to use a drain snake to manually scrape away the interior of the pipes, but this can be a very lengthy and labor intensive process when compared to water jetting. 

Having your home's sewer line cleaned by a company like Backlund Plumbing is essential for preventing it from becoming completely clogged. For those that have never had this work done to their home, it may seem like a confusing and unnecessary task. Once you have learned the dangers of failing to have this work done and the benefits of choosing to have this work done with water jetting, your understanding of this type of maintenance should be enhanced.