If you want your sprinkler system to be more energy efficient, you may want to consider things like automation. Modern systems can detect things like rainfall amounts and sunlight hours to optimize irrigation. There are also improvements, such as drip irrigation and greywater recycling that can help you keep your garden green for less. Here are some tips to help you with the irrigation upgrades your sprinkler system needs:

1. Installing A Rain Meter Gauge And Weather Station For Irrigation

Rain gauges can be a great way to reduce the water consumption of your irrigation systems. They can automate sprinklers and give controls a lot of useful information that they need, such as rainfall amounts, sunlight exposure, wind speeds and soil conditions. This information can be used to determine the optimal time for irrigation for more efficient watering. These systems can also give you important information about soil conditions. This can help the system to decide if plants have sufficient moisture, or even when they may have too much water and need less irrigation.

2. Using Controls With Internet Connection For Current Weather Conditions

The controls that operate your sprinkler systems can also be automated. These can be controls that are connected to the Internet. The network connection can give the system important weather information, such as weather forecasts and conditions. This can help determine if the system should wait for watering because of expected rain or other conditions.

3. Adding Drip Irrigation Where It Can Be Used To Replace Conventional Sprinklers

Sprinkler systems can be an inefficient to water plants like roses, azaleas and other plants in flower gardens. For these areas, consider replacing the sprinklers with drip irrigation systems. The drip system can be connected to the same controls as the sprinklers, but use less water for the irrigation of these plants.

4. Reducing Water Consumption With Rain Collection And Greywater Recycling Systems

There are also ways that you can collect your own water to reduce consumption. This can be done with things like rain water collection. You can also recycle greywater from appliances for your irrigation. These systems may require a pump, but can also be connected to the same controls as the irrigation system.

These are some tips to help you with the irrigation upgrades your sprinkler system needs. If you are ready to start upgrading your irrigation, contact a plumbing service and talk with them about installing some of these modern systems.

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