The water quality in your home can affect your family in a number of ways. For example, the chemicals used to kill germs in your water can have an adverse affect on the health of your family. Other chemicals present in the water can create hard water stains on your plumbing fixtures and dishes. Depending on what your needs are, you might need a whole-home filter or a reverse osmosis filter. 

Whole-Home Filter

Workers will install a whole-home filter at the point where water enters your home; thus, the filter can purify the water for the rest of your home. This means that you should have no worries about hard water affecting your laundry, your dishes, or your faucets. Furthermore, if you use a carbon filter, you should be able to filter out chlorine and chloramines. On the other hand, a carbon filter will not extract all the contaminants in your water. The problem is that the micron rating for a carbon filter is between 1 and 5 microns. Any contaminants that are smaller than the 1 micron openings in a filter will flow through the filter. However, if you have a relatively clean water supply, the carbon filter should be enough for your needs. 

Reverse-Osmosis Filter

A reverse-osmosis filter pushes water through a semi-permeable membrane with pores rated at .0001 microns. Thus, a reverse osmosis filter will extract viruses, chemicals, and particulates from water that other filters miss. In fact, these filters are so effective that they are used in bottled water factories, The downside of using an RO filter is that they can restrict water flow and get clogged easily if they are used as the primary filter for your home. Thus, only if you are extremely concerned about the quality of the water you drink and use for cooking, should you consider installing an RO filter under your kitchen sink.

If you want the best quality of drinking water that you can get in your home, you should use an RO filter, but if you have concerns with the quality of water throughout your home, you should use a whole-house filter. If you want the best of both worlds, you can use a whole-home filter to make sure you have pure, soft water for use throughout your home, and still install an RO filter in your kitchen so you have extremely clean water for culinary use. For more information, talk to an expert like Water-Pro.