Most homeowners don't spend a lot of time thinking about their plumbing, but a small effort can help prevent the hassle of a clogged main sewer line. The sewer main pipe connects your home to your city's sewer system, so it is important to keep it clear. Unfortunately, a number of things can cause clogs in a sewer main which can lead to blockages and expensive repairs. Use the following tips to prevent backups in the sewer main for your home:

Be Mindful of What is Flushed Down the Toilet

A sewage system is typically less vulnerable than a septic system, but that doesn't mean that you can flush anything you want down the toilet. One of the best ways to ensure that your sewer main does not become clogged or backed up is to only flush waste and toilet paper. Things such as flushable wipes, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and condoms may seem to flush okay, but these items can easily get stuck in your sewer main and eventually cause a clog or backup. 

Never Pour Grease Down a Kitchen Drain

Many types of meat produce grease as the fat is cooked, but if you want to keep your sewer main in good, working condition you should never pour grease down your kitchen drain. The grease can get stuck in your sewage main and adhere to the pipe, either blocking other waste or making the pipe much smaller in diameter when the grease congeals around the pipe. When cooking meat, it is in your best interest to keep a can handy so you can easily dispose of grease without compromising your sewer main.

Evaluate Your Landscaping

A major cause of sewer main blockages is actually caused by tree roots that infiltrate their way into the pipe and then grow large enough to block  the sewer main or break the pipe. When landscaping your yard, make sure that you don't plant any trees near your sewage main pipe. If you don't know where the sewage main is located, you can usually request a land plat from the city or municipality that takes care of your sewage. 

Have Your Sewer Main Checked Out Regularly

A plumber, like those at Bob's Plumbing & Heating, is your best resource when maintaining a sewer line. It is much better to have it inspected and cleared when problems are small compared to waiting until there is a problem. Most plumbers offer a comprehensive service that clears out and cleans a sewer main, and it is worth investing in every few years.