If you are planning on hosting a corporate event in an outdoor setting, using portable toilets is a way to give guests easily accessible facilities when they need to use the rest room. Having to use portable toilets on the premises can be made into a favorable experiences for guests with some of these enhancements.

Add Pleasing Scents

Since a portable toilet is often associated with odor, show guests that favorable fragrances are present within the portable toilets you have rented. Opt for toilets that flush so there is no worry about the odor from sitting waste in an environmental receptacle. Place air fresheners or small baskets of potpourri in each unit. Since portable toilets may be odorous in hotter weather, place a small fan in each unit to help disperse these pleasing scents, while moving unpleasant odors outside. 

Use The Right Placement

Place these units away from the crowd so there is the feeling of privacy when someone needs to use the restroom. They should not be too far away that they cannot be found easily, however. Consider placing signs in the main event area so there is no question where they are located. Make sure the units are placed out of the sun so they are not uncomfortable for people inside. Placing them under trees so they people can wait in a shaded area is preferred.

Decorate The Unit Appropriately

If you are hosting a themed event, consider bringing the theme into the bathrooms to the surprise of guests. Place a poster over the front doors of units so guests will have something to gaze at as they wait in a line to use a restroom. Add some themed soaps or flowers to match a color scheme inside each unit as well.

Consider Luxury Units

Renting bathroom trailers over portable toilets is a great option when a large number of guests are present for an event. This will cut down on the wait time as several people can use the resources at once. These units are often as nice as an interior bathroom with running water, large mirrors, ambient lighting and areas for people to sit and rest while waiting to use the facilities.

Add Some Music

Having music inside a bathroom unit is a welcomed addition for those who are self-conscious about others being able to hear them while they are flushing or washing their hands. The music will drown out any embarrassment in using the facility and the user will most likely enjoy listening to some light tunes or old favorites while inside. Place a battery-powered radio inside each unit to make a trip to the bathroom enjoyable.

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