High rise buildings have special plumbing problems that other buildings may not have. Therefore, their plumbing fixtures require careful and regular maintenance because the costs of damages are likely to be prohibitive. Here are three examples of plumbing issues to expect in such buildings:

Low Water Pressure

Regular water pressure considerably reduces before it gets to the top of a high-rise building. At first glance, raising the pressure seems to be the obvious solution to the problem. Unfortunately, water coming in at high pressure may damage plumbing installations in the lower apartments, which get the water at full pressure before it falls for the apartments towards the top of the building.

A suitable solution is to raise the overall water pressure getting into the building but then raise or reduce it at different points in the building. For example, you may install a pump to increase the water pressure at the top of the building, and install pressure reducing valves so apartments at the lower levels don't suffer.

The Need for Vertical Piping

In a high-rise building, most plumbing pipes need to be vertical. Horizontal pipes need too many hangers, supports, and inserts, which make them less efficient or cost effective. Unfortunately, vertical pipes have to penetrate different points of the building, especially the slabs.

As you probably know, penetration points tend to create weak points in many buildings. Thus, expect the sealers around the pipes to weaken after some time. Leaks around such penetrations may contaminate your apartment, for example, with smoke from apartments at lower levels. Moreover, hot air rises, so foul gasses from buildings below your floor have nowhere to go but up. Thus, professional plumbing installation and maintenance is necessary to avoid such mishaps.

Costly Breakages and Difficulties in Maintenance

When a plumbing installation breaks down in your ground floor apartment, and the effluent overflows, the damage is likely to be minimal compared to the same thing happening on apartments several floors above the ground. For a ground flow house, all you are likely to deal with is the damage to your house and the immediate landscaping.

For example, overflowing sewage or flooding water can easily impact your neighbors on lower floors. This also increases the danger associated with DIY plumbing repairs; after all, a small mistake has the potential of creating problems not for you but also for other dwellers of the building. Prompt repair, careful maintenance, and the use of qualified technicians are necessary for all buildings, but they are crucial for apartments on higher floors of high-rise buildings.

Before getting into a high rise building, pay special attention to the availability and condition plumbing installations. If you are already living in such an apartment, and you haven't maintained the plumbing system for a while, it's best to schedule a service and avert any disasters-in-waiting.

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