Your plumbing system is an integral component of your home. You depend on it to give you water when you need it and take the waste out of your home when you don't. Even though you might not think about it, there comes a point in time when you are going to have to replace the pipes in your home with new ones. They simply cannot last forever without any maintenance. To help you better understand when you need to replace the pipes in your home, here are three signs to be on the lookout for.

You are constantly dealing with leaking in the same area.

If you constantly have to have someone come in and take care of a leak in the same area, it might be time to have the pipes replaced with new ones. Once a leak is fixed, you shouldn't have a leak in the same area again for a little while at least. When you do, that often signals that your pipes are corroded or they weren't installed the correct way to begin with. To prevent having to deal with a constant leak and water damage, call upon someone to come out and replace the pipes in your home as quickly as possible.

The water coming from your tap is discolored.

If the water coming out of your taps is a rust color, you might be dealing with corroded pipes that need to be taken care of. This often signals that the rust is making its way through your water system and into your drinking water. In the event you only have discoloration in one of your taps, the problem might lie with the water heater instead. A plumbing professional can get to the bottom of the issue for you.

The house still has lead pipes in it.

Even though lead pipes were banned quite some time ago, there are still a lot of homes that have them inside. In the event your home is one of those with lead pipes, you need to have them updated to a new material to prevent anyone from drinking contaminated water and getting ill. You need to use a safe material such as PVC or copper.

Anytime you notice any of the signs above, you need to take the time to discuss your concerns with a licensed plumbing contractor who can take care of the problem for you.