Like their name would suggest, hot water recirculating pumps work by constantly recirculating cool water through the water heater. Though they are most commonly used in commercial applications, hot water recirculating pumps can also be used residentially. Because of their unique function, hot water recirculating pumps bring a number of distinct advantages to the plumbing system and water heater they are installed on. Understanding what a hot water recirculating pump has to offer can help you decide if installing one is the right choice for your home or business.

Advantages of Hot Water Recirculating Pumps

Convenience: The main advantage of installing a hot water recirculating pump is the fact that it makes hot water instantly and consistently available for use throughout the building. This is because it constantly recirculates cool water through the water heater to be heated up, allowing for a constant supply of hot water to be available instead of starting to heat water when a hot water faucet is turned on. Thus, hot water is available essentially on demand at any water fixture or water-using appliance throughout the building.

Water Saving: As a direct result of the above fact that hot water is available on demand, hot water recirculating pumps also help to reduce the amount of water wastage that occurs in your home or business. This is because you do not have to let a water fixture run for several minutes before hot water is available, reducing overall waste. This is especially important for large businesses with high water demand, like hotels, or for any buildings that are located in drought-prone areas where water prices are high and water usage is highly restricted or regulated. Besides being a huge environmental benefit, saving a large amount of water can also help reduce your utility bills over time, helping to pay for the cost of the system itself.

Ease of Installation: Another great benefit of hot water recirculating pumps is that they are fairly easy to install. They can be easily retrofitted into already existing commercial and residential plumbing systems and water heaters without needing to add special attachments or to reconfigure the preexisting layout. While it is still recommended that you have a professional install the system to ensure an error-free installation process, the ease of installation helps keeps the initial cost low and the time commitment short, helping to keep the disruption of your plumbing system and water supply to a minimum.

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