Even though it is the end of winter and spring weather is getting warmer, you still want to be aware of the maintenance and repairs that your heating needs. Some of the repairs that need to be done will be better and more affordable to do now—before next winter. The following furnace problem checklist will help you find the cause of problems and have heating repairs done before summer:

1. Dirt and Grime That Have Caused Problems with The Blower of Your Furnace That Need to Be Repaired

Dirt, dust, and debris can cause problems with many different components of your furnace. This is why it is important to do routine filter changes and make sure you change your filter before turning the system on or off. In addition, the dust and debris can also cause problems with the furnace blower motor, which may need to be cleaned or repaired to get your heating working again.

2. Problems with Electrical Controls and The Thermostat That May Be Causing the Furnace to Not Turn On

Whether you have a gas or electric furnace, modern heating systems have a lot of electric circuits. Therefore, you will want to check to make sure that the electricity is turned on for the heating and check the electric components. If there is a problem with a switch or components of the electrical circuits, these are problems that you will want to have repaired before the summer is here.

3. Pilot Lights, Burner Flames and Heating Elements of Furnaces That Have Failed and Need to Be Replaced

Pilot lights can be other problems that you will want to deal with before turning the heating off. The pilot light or burner may not be working properly and need to be replaced to repair your furnace. In addition, there are also problems with electric heating elements that may need to be repaired if you have an electric furnace.

4. Problems with Fuel That Cause Gas and Oil Furnaces to Not Work As They Should

If you have a gas or oil furnace, the problems with the furnace may be due to fuel not getting to the furnace. This can be due to problems with the fuel tank, low fuel or issues with gas lines. If your furnace is having fuel problems, these are issues that you will want to have a professional furnace repair service inspect and repair.

These points will help you identify problems with your heating that need to be repaired before the summer weather. If you have found problems with your furnace that need to be repaired, contact a furnace repair service to fix these problems before you forget about them.

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